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Welcome to the CSMA Small Arms Familiarization Course.  This course provides basic small arms familiarization for new recruits and refresher training for veteran Stormtroopers as an introduction to more advanced courses.  Upon completion, the student will demonstrate proficiency in the defining and categories of small arms, theory of operation, visual recognition of various small arms, proper care and maintenance of small arms, and familiarity with the characteristics of the weapons contained in this course.  The student will also demonstrate basic weapons skills necessary to safely operate small arms without unintended injury to personnel or damage to equipment.



Despite their small size and portable nature, all weapons introduced in this course can be lethal.  The student will at all times exercise extreme caution when handling weapons, both for his own safety and the safety of other students and instructors.  The primary goal of this course is to familiarize the student with small arms while minimizing the risk of death, injury, or damage caused by improper handling or abuse of the weapons in this course.  If at any time a student has a question, is unsure of how to proceed, or feels he or another is in danger, training will be immediately halted and the situation remedied.  Training may resume once the situation is resolved to the instructor's satisfaction.

Safety Rules:

  1. Always point the weapon in a safe direction - in combat, the safest direction is directly toward the enemy.
  2. Never point a weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy.
  3. Treat all ranged weapons as loaded, until verified otherwise.
  4. Know your target and what is beyond it - practice battlefield awareness to avoid friendly-fire casualties.
  5. Handle all melee weapons with extreme caution.
  6. Be familiar with a weapon's capabilities, features, and safeties before you pick it up.
  7. No nerfplay.  Play fighting has no intrinsic value to a combat training course and is grounds for immediate dismissal.  Melee sparring is allowed but only when supervised by an instructor.


The term 'small arms' refers to light infantry weapons carried by an individual soldier.  The designation is broad, spanning various blasters, slugthrowers, melee weapons, grenades, and other hand-held individual weapons.  Small arms do not include crew-served weapons, artillery, vehicle blasters, missile launchers, or other infantry support weapons.