IWATS is currently looking for old IWATS Professors that may interested in be taking on their old exams. I am currently accepting letters of interest for IWATS Course Professors ONLY from those that have served in those positions in the past. Only apply if you are interested in keeping your old course updated and maintained, not just mark exams. Email me at jedieclipse@gmail.com if you are interested. All applicants please be advised of the standing orders below.

Standing Order for IWATS Professors
Last updated: 02/25/08, DEAN/VA Astin/SSSD Sovereign

All Professors are required to be informed of the following list of standing orders prior to their appointment. Every Professor must agree to follow these standing orders in order to be appointed to a position. Failure to follow any of these orders will result in multiple warnings and possible removal.

  1. Professors are required to mark completed exams within 72 hours of receiving notification that an exam has been completed. Reasonable excuses for exceeding 72 hours include the Professor being on an approved leave or a database outage. The Professor should notify the Dean if s/he knows that there will be a delay.


  1. Professors are required to keep an up to date list of graduates for their course. The list should only contain graduates from the course during the current Professorís tenure. The list should contain the graduateís ID line, score, and date of completion. There is no designated format, and it is up to the Professor as to how to store them. The list should be sent to the Dean on the last day of every month. The Dean will use this list to update the total IWATS graduates count and also to update the graduates lists on the individual course pages.


  1. If appointed, Professors are required to serve a 6 month tour. If a Professor fails to serve this tour by resigning early without a reasonable excuse or by being forcibly removed, the member will not be eligible for another position with IWATS for one year and the memberís commanding officer(s) will be notified of the negligence.