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The TIE Corps is the first option for enforcing the will of the Emperor's Hammer.  Whether engaging in space superiority, reconnaissance, assault, or simple patrol, the TIE Corps is the most flexible and vital arm of the fleet.  The skilled pilots rely upon a variety of starfighter weapons to perform their critical missions.  Upon completion of this course, the student will be familiar with the various starfighter weapons, their capabilities, and characteristics.  Course material was accumulated and research conducted using the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) simulator.  Weapon trends remain similar across other flying platforms, but statistical values may vary.


Starfighter Weapons Overview

The purpose of all starfighter weapons is to inflict damage and destruction upon the enemy at range.  Damage is measured in BLS units, while range is measured in kilometers.  All weapons travel at specific speeds, given in MegaLight Units (MGLT).  Shields, if equipped, and Hull Armor are designed to resist damage.  They are measured in Shield Base Durability (SBD) and Resistance Units (RU), respectively.

  • Lasers: Firing a coherent beam of plasma energy, they are devastatingly effective at short range, and are the primary armament of virtually all starfighters.

  • Ion Cannon: Similar to lasers but fire a directed beam of negatively-charged ions which disables, rather than destroying a target.  Used for interdiction and capture operations.

  • Missile Weapons:  Modern starfighters can carry a variety of warhead loadouts.  Dedicated strike craft such as Y-Wings, B-Wings, TIE Bombers, Assault Gunboats, and Missile Boats carry larger payloads than traditional starfighters.

  • Beam Weapons:  Commonly used to direct more power to engines, these devices are intended to immobilize enemy craft or jam their targeting computers.

  • Countermeasures:  Used to confuse or destroy incoming enemy warheads.


Starfighter Weapons Course created by LCM Tuba for the TIE Corps of the Emperor's Hammer