Course Notes
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  Welcome to the mIRC Scripting IWATS course.  This course is designed to teach you how to do a little bit of scripting in mIRC.  Scripts in mIRC can do anything from the basics like setting an away message or changing your nick, to the much more advanced, such as a script to retrieve an IDline.  The possibilities are virtually limitless.  mIRC has a very strong scripting system set up in it already, so it requires no special downloads (assuming you already have mIRC, which can be found here)  I also suggest taking the mIRC IWATS course to familiarize yourself with how to use mIRC.  This course will make the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about scripting, but don't worry if you do, it'll get more interesting.  So now that the intro is over with, let's get started!
          -LC Choosh

NOTE: If there is lots of interest and participation in this course, I'll make another scripting course which will get into some real useful stuff, including longer scripts, more remote scripting, self contained scripts, sockets, picture windows, .ini files, and much more.

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